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    Hello ! Looking at the Glenshaw ad ( Figure 26) I noticed the 7-UP bottle has 8 bubbles. I have one like that and I was told it is either 1935 or 1936??Will have to do further research??
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    Looking for NC mfg cola/soda signs and memorabilia Pepsi/Biltmore Club/etc

    Hello Rob, I am in Alberta, Canada. Excuse my ignorance but what does the NC stand for? North Carolina?? Regards, Chuck Allen.
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    Rare Polar Tobacco sign dug by me in PA!

    Great discovery ! It is in decent condition for being that old! Never heard of " Polar" before but I am sure someone out there could fill you in?
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    Green Orange Crush bottle

    Very nice bottle ! I have many amber orange crush but have never seen a green one! I will keep looking or maybe buy yours one day??? Do you know what flavour would have been in a green bottle? Did they produce a ginger ale?
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    Chuck Allen Collection- Whiskey Bottle

    Thank you so much for your help! It is appreciated!
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    Chuck Allen Collection- Whiskey Bottle

    Came across this whiskey bottle in my basement . It is in excellent condition.No pit marks whatsoever. The labeling is as follows:Jesse Moore- Hunt Co.San Francisco. Cal /&/ Louisville. KY. In the middle of the text above separated by a circle of antlers , there is more text that...
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    Chuck Allen Collection- 12 Pack of Coke

    Just wondering how common this 12 pack carrier of Coke is ? I left the 2 bottles out at each end so as to be able to read the writing on the handle.The lady I bought it from said it was from the early 50's.(1954)??.Let me know any info. you may have.Thank you!
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    Chuck Allen Collection-7-UP Bottle

    My first post. Just wondering if anyone has a 7-UP bottle like this? I believe it is from 1935/36. 7- UP is embossed on both sides of the neck and on the very bottom.The writing on the backside is quite unique. I think the best part is the 8 bubbles below the girl and on the main front label...
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    The Rest of My 7Up Collection

    Real nice collection. I have a lot of 7-up in my collection and they display well. My special one is from 1935/36 with 7-up embossed on two sides of the neck plus on the very bottom. It is an ACL that is a bit faded but all intact. The speciality of it is it has 8 bubbles not the normal 7. I am...
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    New Member

    Just joined the group today. I have been collecting for over 40 years(mostly sodas).Looking forward to the new experience. Located in Alberta, Canada. Chuck Allen.

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