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    seeking inks

    I have 1 for sale
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    1old brown ink bottle

    I want to sell it
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    Would love to pair up with people near the twin cities in Minnesota

    swap spots,and HAVE FUN!!!!!
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    digging minn / wis 2013

    Sounds fun.I have a spot.
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    medicine bottles at the library

    thoes are very good finds
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    New Here, Need Some Info

    a lot of times you can research it by typing in what you know about it and then look through the images to find a mach
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    please help

    I will need a picture first
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    I need help with a bottle

    I have that problam all the time by then I say they are the same.:cool:
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    New Collector Advice

    look up old dump sites in your area and you will supprised on how many there are :cool::cool::cool:
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    Work Finds

    The 2 clear glass bottles appear to be old medicine bottles
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    Work Finds

    I can't see can u take better pics
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    dump on the river

    I keep finding medicine bottles and whiskey bottles by a park by the Mississippi river.And the reason for those find is that the park used to be a dump till the 50s

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