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    Timmins dairy - milk jugs Timmins Ont

    Great bottle photos and advertisements. Also check out that weekend special ice cream flavor, Pineapple-Grape Brick! I’m guessing this was two different flavors of ice cream, not one. If not, that is the Frankenstein ice cream flavor I would not want to meet in a dark alley behind an ice cream...
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    Mystery Milk Bottle - Altman’s Dairy

    Greetings Everyone, Altman’s Dairy was located in Oakland, California. Source is the book “California Milks” by Donald E. Lord.
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    Anyone like to collect milk crates?

    Ne next level!
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    Mystery Milk Bottle - Altman’s Dairy

    Greetings Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any information or knowledge about an Altman’s Dairy? I just acquired a 1/4 pint embossed milk bottle (pictured below) that reads “Property of Altman’s Dairy”. I wasn’t able to find any information about it during some initial online...
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    Anyone like to collect milk crates?

    Old milk crates are awesome and also have the added value of being both decorative and functional. I have one in my collection that I use for DVD storage and beagle protection.
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    I have a special affection for these little milk bottles as well. I have heard varying explanations about their usage such as that they were used to serve milk to children at schools and also that they were used for cream (the smaller bottle size seeming appropriate for both of the above uses)...
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    California and Hawaii 1/4 Pint Milk Bottles

    Greetings, I am searching for embossed 1/4 pint milk bottles from the states of California and Hawaii for my milk bottle collection. If anyone has any that they are interested in selling or trading I would be excited for the opportunity to get in touch.

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