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  1. Z

    What to do with a childhood collection

    As a long overdue update, I wound up donating the whole lot of bottles to the local bottle collectors club for their "free bottles" table at the annual bottle show. Hopefully they all found good homes!
  2. Z

    What to do with a childhood collection

    Thanks for the replies! It was quite the task, but I managed to sort through everything. It was not easy! I wound up keeping more than I would have liked, as I couldn't bring myself to let go of quite a few nice bottles. I'm hanging on to about 200, which leaves me with around 400 to let go...
  3. Z

    What to do with a childhood collection

    Hello all. Looking for some advice and perspective regarding my childhood collection of bottles. During my junior high years (about 30 years ago) I discovered an old bottle dump in a swampy wooded area near my parents' house. I spent the next few years digging like crazy. I became obsessed...

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