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    River walk 3 was a success !!!

    That’s a good find
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    No one in the world has this bottle apparently

    So I was out by my grandmas house and stumbled upon this Covid sparkling beverages soda bottle on the back as a few people in the front has a big blue and white logo the bottom of it says 65 with a five in a squareNo one on Google or anywhere that I’ve ever met has the same bottle if anyone has...
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    Very sad green tinted Coke bottle broke 1916 through 1924

    Well after further review there is literally nothing on this thing on the bottom it says Danville VA and then on the front side it’s a Coca-Cola the trademark registered and US patent office then the other side says Coca-Cola trade mark registered contents 6 1/2 fluid ounces so I do not see any...
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    Came up out of the back yard today

    Sweet if you go and find any of my post I find some pretty rare bottles usually I just find mine like in my creek or in the woods next to my house I’ve never really dug for bottles because I don’t know where to dig ha ha
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    Hit the jackpot on mason jar

    Lol I found some really old ones today!
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    Came up out of the back yard today

    Dude those are some of the coolest bottle I think I have ever seen!!
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    Very sad green tinted Coke bottle broke 1916 through 1924

    What a fail I found this in my creek it was very sad I will display it next to a Coke bottle from the year 1978
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    New to the Collection

    I have a cherry smash is that good?
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    Old orange crush and nehi

    It says Pat D July 20, 1920 orange crush bottle the back says the same thing with a logo and in the bottom says something like L0W
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    Old orange crush and nehi

    Got some early 1900 bottles any price ideas
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    A lot of bottles need help

    Guess who dosent live in Georgia
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    A lot of bottles need help

    There is one that is worth much more it is the bulldogs 1980 championship coke
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    A lot of bottles need help

    Hey you can see here I have 14 Coca-Cola bottles and seven Sundrop bottles and three cheer wine bottles then I have an old colony bottle and an RC cola bottle of cherry smash bottle a Dr Pepper bottle and some other bottles I have a Cherry man glass and then I also have a little slipper stocking...

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