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    Two Unlisted Very Rare MD Milks Need Help On Value

    Lisa, I am a little bit late to responding to this post, but saw your bottles for sale on eBay and sent you a message. The Western Maryland Dairy, although unlisted, is common. I have seen 10+ of that one. It dates to 1921 based on the style. The Calvert is fairly scarce, especially in that...
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    Milk Bottles Wanted!!

    Looking for the following milk bottles, will pay good prices for rare ones. Also any other Maryland milk bottles you may have.1. Upton Farm Dairy - Ellicott City, MD2. Mt. Hebron Farm Dairy3. Oak Stock Farm - E. R. Dennis4. Appleridge Farm Dairy - G. H. Wehland5. Spring Dale Farm Dairy -...
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    Maryland Milk Bottles Wanted!!

    Looking for the following milk bottles, all from Maryland. Will pay good prices. All are embossed, slug plate bottles.1. Dillon Field Dairy / Lewis G. Shover / Catonsville, MD.2. Melvin Farm Dairy / Mrs. C. Wurtzer / Catonsville, MD.3. C. H. B. Meeth / Catonsville, MD.4. Sulphur Spring / Farms /...
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    Local ACL bottle find "Big Top"

    That's a rare bottle, I have only seen one other one with a complete label (not faded or worn) like yours and it sold for around $60. I have around 20 of them, but only like 3 of mine have decent, but still not good labels. If you come across any others, I would be interested.
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    Maryland Milk Bottles Wanted!!!

    Looking for Maryland milk bottles, I will buy or trade for bottles I do not have. Let me know what you have!
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    Very Nice Looking Maryland Milk For Sale

    Re: RE: Very Nice Looking Maryland Milk For Sale Still have this bottle available if anyone is interested.
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    Isaly's 1/2 pint Milk or cream Bottle

    I dug an Isaly's milk locally in Catonsville, Maryland last fall. It was a slug plate bottle however; I sold it but I believe the date was 1930. I would say your milk dates to the 1930s-1940s.
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    Great Looking Maryland Milk For Sale
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    Very Nice Looking Maryland Milk For Sale

    Here is a photo of the back.
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    Very Nice Looking Maryland Milk For Sale

    I am offering this Tall Round Embossed And Pyroglazed Quart milk bottle. It is from the Universal Dairy Products Company of Denton, Maryland. It has a neat picture of a boy holding a lantern on the back with a neat saying. Pyro is very bright and strong. Bottle comes filled with Styrofoam beads...
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    Bottle Seal Co Bottles

    I sent you a PM, those are very nice ones.
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    Great Passaic NJ Brandy bottle

    Nice one Jim!
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    From sheds to glass.....

    That Annapolis whiskey flask is very nice, might be a rare one too!
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    unknown jars

    I find the one with the diamond pattern all over the place, I keep some of the fancier ones and sell them at yard sales for a buck or 2 a piece.
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    help great atlantic & pacific tea co

    I have found quite a few different A&P bottles over the years, but never seen the salad dressing, that one is nice!
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    New Stuff From Recent Club Meeting

    Thanks for looking everyone, Jim, I have been running out of room ever since I started collecting, LOL...Steve, thanks, I will catch you at the next meeting.
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    Digging the "Roaring 20's" dump with dad

    That dump looks like a very good one. I love finding 20s dumps like that one that are full of milks. The teens-early 20s is a great era to find small unlisted dairy farms that only were around a few years. I dug a small early 20s dump last year with nothing but milks, all smashed, but I was able...
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    1st new site this year

    Looks like a spot with some good potential, best of luck with it.
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    Savannah druggist

    Nice little druggist, I don't really go out of my way to collect them, but I keep them when I dig them.

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