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    Checking in.....

    Hello ABN, yes every once in awhile the cheese stops around to say hello! Damn shame what happened to the place. Moderated right to almost oblivion. The paint job looks nice. I heard someone bought the site? Hopefully it wasn't that "Cow" dude. Well back to my know the one I crawl out...
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    Every member new and old reply to this post

    Re: RE: Every member new and old reply to this post <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< look who crawled out from under his rock. :snif snif: still smells the same around the ol' ABN. I see a few new nice. Rick pulled this old thread out so I figured of making an appearance. Well back under my...
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    Checking in.....

    I ammmmmmm baaaaackkkkkkkk! Only to say hello......Hope everyone is well here at the ABN..... See you at the bottle shows! Yes I am still digging.......
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    Checking in.....

    Thanks Chip, good seeing you also. Hope the family is well. may next year be filled with bottles!
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    Checking in.....

    Hello there, its been a while. The last time I contributed to the forum it was two years ago almost to the exact day. Christmas eve to be exact. I started a thread but I see that its been "locked"........LOL I dont blame ya! SO I stop by once in a while to see what I forecasted in 2012 has...
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    Wow this place is dead lately

    Just wanted to post this, I posted this a long time ago. Posting it again for posterity sake. "mods if you see fit to kill my thread....have at it....just will reinforce my feelings. My discussion involves antique bottles and this site. Nothing gun control...
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    Wow this place is dead lately

    Its not the the color of the back is the clientele if you ask me. I am not going to get into a list of names, that isnt necessary. I left because of a non-inclusion attitude that was rampant here. There was a "clique" if you were in....great......if were an outsider...
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    New Baltimore Bottle Book

    Sorry I didnt answer sooner....yup thats the one.
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    tumbling a bottle

    lblackvelvet the science of tumbling bottles has been around a long time. Listen to these guys they know what they are talking about. As said dont try and reinvent the wheel. Take thier advice and proceed slow. Learning the science of tumbling bottles is not an exact science. There is much more...
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    New Baltimore Bottle Book

    After a long awaited appearance the new Baltimore Bottle club book is here! Anyone interested in the book can contact Chuck Myer/BBAC treasurer. Also it will be on sale at the Baltimore show in March. The price is $30.00. It has been updated with hundreds of bottles and new color pictures. Many...
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    Shupps Grove BOTTLE FEST.,Adamstown,PA. Starts this week! many of you there and I never had the pleasure of meeting you. Rick.....I missed ya buddy. I always stay the night and make a weekend out of Adamstown. I went today ( Sunday) and everyone had pulled out the night before. I did run into Waskey ( Henry). More importantly I did finally...
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    first (and hopefully last time) privy experience

    See this is why we cant have nice things.....
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    Dug the TOC dump with Dad... And found the best Peoria Coke possible!

    HAHAHAHA...........even I will craw out from under the rock for this one.........congrats!!!!!! Now back under the rock I go...buh bye!
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    200 apothecary and quack medicine bottles

    I would be interested in any bottles from Baltimore.....let me know if you have any.
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    Large ransom for Milk bottle!

    I am looking for milks from a dairy in Ohio. I will pay handsomely if found. Toft Dairy........Started around 1900. They are out there some where.
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    So out from under the rock I materialize.......I am reduced to being a lurker. hiding in the shadows. Religion is a favorite topic of mine...just like politics. I am christian and believe in my faith. But there are zealots no matter the cause. The girl is clearly whacked. Religion is a personal...
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    Bottle Digging shown on TV!

    Yea....they had the guy at the Baltimore Bottle club do a presentation. I didnt attend...nor did I want to. I was told there was a possibility that he might return at some future point. I might go the next time....ask some questions
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    The 2013 Balto Bottle show Pix and a mixed up Vid clip.

    Thanks.....the apple of my eye......and yes she is spoiled rotten and I am proud of it. I am told she has my looks but I think she has my brains. Like my son she will grow up around the bottle hobby. epackage.....see there was Paterson bottles at the show. You really need to come next...
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    Baltimore Show Finds

    Absolutely!....All is welcome. Missed Penn Digger this year. Really wish I would have seen him.
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    Baltimore Show Finds

    Your welcome Steve! It was great having you guys at the house. Every year we add a guy or two. For those of you who dont know what were talking about......most of you guys travel a long way to get to the I decided last year I would feed the boys before they headed home. Everyone is...

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