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    mystery bitters shard

    Thank you! And it is now official that I have gone soft -- I had previously read Ferd's writeup and saw the bottle in the magazine article. Need to find a whole one now. andy g
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    mystery bitters shard

    Found this last week and it is stumping me ... perhaps I have gone soft. Anyone have an idea? Embossing is "LANETT'S / BITTERS". Nice iron pontil base, square aqua shape. Top and rest of bottle was missing. Much appreciated, andy
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    Not sure where to post this about Digger Dave Cutler

    Many of you probably do not know or have never heard of Dave Cutler of Queens and formerly of the Empire Diner on Manhattan's West Side, but what you do understand was his desire to find treasure. And he was extraordinarily good at the hunt, finding everything from coins to bottles to stoneware...
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    dug new york flask in privy

    Mark -- I actually think you have done the legwork -- the East 42nd Street addresses are dead on for the various iterations of Grand Central. To narrow down the date range, consider that the Grand Central Depot existed within the current location, on 42nd Street, of the current Grand...
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    ok guys, how much would you offer for the boardman?

    don't be too eager or buy it for too much -- you will definitely dig one soon enough in NYC, and especially if you buy this one.
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    Smallest blob top ever!

    Not a cream soda as it is too small even for a typical example and from a later period. This bottle is from the 1890s-1900s; in turn, cream sodas are from the 1860s-70s. Seeley samples are found in aqua and clear. Probably seen less than a dozen over the years.
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    NEWBURGH NY bottle

    Nice bottle. Oakely was a pretty prolific bottler in Newburgh, NY just north of West Point on the Hudson River. I have some information that suggests Oakley started in the 1860s but that is sketchy at best. Attached are a couple more examples of his bottles from the 1880s. As an aside...
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    Privy experts, attention!

    Chris, I think you missed a few. What happened?
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    Professional Tumbling Services Digger Ry Style

    Ryan -- Yes, welcome back and thank you for your service. Tried to send a PM but came back that your box was full ... can you post a pic and remind me as to what you have of mine? Thanks, andy g
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    F. H. Heckings Question?

    I do not recall it in the Apuzzo book. The Apuzzo book by the author's own admission is not fully exhaustive and tends to primarily focus on bottles from the 1880s to 1910s. Also, did not realize it is listed in Soda & Beer Bottles of North America -- thanks -- and as Tod's website notes, the...
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    F. H. Heckings Question?

    Well, at least you got some answers compared to my original post when we dug the bottle back in 2003: I did eventually show the bottle to a collector or two at the Baltimore Show -- got positive responses but not much...
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    Teal western square

    Lediard's Celebrated Bitters most likely.
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    Who wants to go on a Privy Dig???

    Sorry, my technical error -- sent the PM now. Also, I did not attend the last two DIVs but have attended half a dozen of the previous hunts. Nice sites with some excellent finds.
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    Who wants to go on a Privy Dig???

    Definitely a classic no name bitters or whiskey from a Civil War hut site. See this posting on camp bottle finds:,347320,347320#msg-347320; or these articles on other camp bottle finds:
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    Maps - you know what I mean

    Sanborn maps for many -- but not all -- places are finally now available on the Library of Congress website: Maps are being added regularly and at present the following states are partially or fully available: AK, AL, AZ, CA, CT, DC, GA, IL, KY, LA...
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    fresh from the ground French pot lid ... Qu'est-ce que c'est?

    Thank you all. I figured that the pot lid was newer based on the context it was found in but was hoping the lid was a tad older. Oh well, still a pretty piece. Much appreciated. andy g.
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    fresh from the ground French pot lid ... Qu'est-ce que c'est?

    Yes, what is this? This lid was found this past week in NYC. Wondering about the age, rarity, and (of course) everything else. The lid says "CREME D'AMANDES AMERES / POUR LA BARBE / ROGER & GALLET / 38 RUE D'HAUTEVILLE 38 / PARIS". The transfer ink is black and the pot lid has a slight dome...
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    Reassembled Redware - save your shards!

    Tom -- Awesome plates in designs that I have not seen come out of the ground. Thanks for posting. If I ever get my act together, I will post some of my dug redware. Such pretty sights! Terrific. Andy
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    Dr. White's Eye Water Pontil

    Yes, cool story BUT Chris is right as we heard about this adventure from Doug's mouth long before that auction write-up was ever published. Imagine the digging in those days ... and not just a cool story, the real deal.

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