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    Dr. Pepper bottle found at our family homeplace.

    I live 22 miles from Ruston, La. and have bottles from there, Monroe, Alexandria, Tallulah and West Monroe. A bunch of them are not so well known brands and no Dr. Pepper from around here that old. Want to sell it or trade for some other bottle(s)?
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    Louisiana bottles wanted

    What are you looking for? I have various bottles from Ruston, Monroe, Alex, Talullah, etc. of coke, big chief, triple a, other regional brands. What you hunting? I live in northeast area in Eros.
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    WTS 1930's and 40's antique miniature liquor bottles

    I have close to a 800 to 900 miniature liquor bottles, all still sealed (although evaporation has drawn the liquid down on many so they are only partially filled). Different sizes and shapes, recognizable names and not so known, whiskeys, wines, rums, vodkas, gins, liqueurs. Selling as a lot...
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    Pre-Prohibition Labeled Half-Pints, Pints, Quarts, Demi-John's and miniatures.

    Would you be interested in anything like them?
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    Pre-Prohibition Labeled Half-Pints, Pints, Quarts, Demi-John's and miniatures.

    A sorry neighbor was coming over and helping himself to them until I caught him. It didn't kill him, course I almost did.
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    Pre-Prohibition Labeled Half-Pints, Pints, Quarts, Demi-John's and miniatures.

    Frank, I have about 200 - 300 miniature liquor bottles from 1934 -1937, unopened. Plus about 400-500 miniature liquor bottles from 1938 - 1950. Here are a few pics of them crowded on shelves.
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    Purple Cherro Cola bottle

    Here are my Chero bottles.
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    Purple Cherro Cola bottle

    I have 3 of the purple chero bottles, but none of them have the name arched like the one you found. I have the script chero, block chero, both with the name slanted up from left to right, but not like yours. Nice. Want to sell it?
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    Art Deco Sodas WANTED

    How did you get those bottles so clean? Most look like they never been out the hermitically sealed storage container.
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    Art Deco Sodas WANTED

    Those are some good looking bottles. I have a Big Chief that's different from yours.
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    Art Deco Sodas WANTED

    Scadman4, I like the Chero bottle. How much for that one? Where's it from?
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    Pay day dice bottle

    Looks neat, I'd like to have it. Look good next to my Nesbitts. I'll give you $25.
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    Tons of marbles

    How much you want for all of them, big and small?
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    Strange Coca Cola straight side

    How much you want for the bottle? It would look good with my other 200 plus soda bottles!
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    Circa 1900 Pink Coca Cola bottle

    I'll give you $30 for the pink thing. Holler back
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    These are all 4 from monroe
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    Dump Truck Finds

    You got from one spot what I would gather only after months of searching through broken glass trash piles. Beautiful!
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    No marbles

    I bought the oldest store in my community (built in 1904 by the Tremont Lumber Company) of Eros, La. It was 80' long and I tore down 50' of it to use the material to rebuild the other 30'. I found these in the soil that was once under the tear down section.
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    Bay city Tex coke bottle

    I grew up in Palacios, Matagorda bay seems a long ways away now. Haven't been back since my 35 year HS reunion 13 years ago.
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    Today's find

    Hey Y'all, my redneck girl friend found this coca-cola bottle in the woods about a 1/4 mile from my house in a creek bed. Biedenharn moved to Monroe, La. in 1913 and they came up with the hobbleskirt in 1915. He would have been using that by as soon as possible being a bottle manufacturer. So...

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