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    Won my #2 bottle on my Paterson Wish List

    Wow, beautiful local bottle!
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    Small rolled lip cobalt pontiled Harrison's

    Anyone know what these go for? I love it.
  3. M


    Sweet! Of course I too always get deterred by most people's definition of "old", however that's certainly something to look forward to.
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    U.S.A. Hospital bottle

    That damage is a bit too much for me but overall a beautiful color. It would still display nicely but there's no masking the lip chip.
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    Just listed a few more auctions on ebay

    I too was wondering that, it was a great looking ink so I couldn't exactly blame you if you decided to keep it.
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    Strange pontiled ink

    It reminds me of a Bertingout ink.
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    listed a few bottles on e-bay

    I love the essence bottle!
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    Drug store bottles, many states available.

    I'll be watching for locals when the Maine's come up!
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    1852 flawless bottles

    Always sad to see this, probably a gift for someone too.
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    Dr Dexter's Indian Salve

    A cute little bottle, but I can't find any information on it. Do any of you guru's know anything about this?
  11. M

    Really nice one, lol

    I like how he says no returns so if you buy this as a gift for somebody and they say "you paid what?!", there's no turning back!
  12. M

    Hit the beach!

    I wouldn't mind trying those, should post them when they're already in a meal to pique our appetite though [:D]
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    picked up those 2 boxes of bottles today

    RE: Getting 2 boxes of bottles tomorrow For 7.50 I'd do it too!
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    Maine Show?

    I'd like one too but mostly there's shows in NH, and we're expected to commute [:@]
  15. M

    fleabay screwing its users again.

    Because it's become so one-sided in the way of the buyer now. For instance now that you don't have the option to add insurance people that don't buy it can easily be chargebacked by buyers that have received their item, will be getting discounted shipping if the sellers do insure the product...
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    Southern pontil meds are far and few between

    A truly wonderful bottle and a good point, I haven't really seen many pontil meds from the south, it's always been more sodas and the like.
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    Sometimes I post but when it's a dig of like 3 ABM jars I'm less inclined to state my wonder regardless of them being a new digger.
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    fleabay screwing its users again.

    I recently got scammed by not insuring a package, perhaps if this was an option I could see I would have thought of it in the first place and avoided that situation? You bring up some good points Gunther, and there are better auction sites out there but they just don't have the name and...
  19. M

    Light olive amber USA Hospital..

    What a gorgeous bottle, anyone have an idea of what this goes for?
  20. M

    Fake Label?

    I've never heard of such a thing on a Dr. Porter's before- Opinions?

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