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  1. J

    Curious find

    I logged on for the first time in years to say that I would leave it! it is waaay unusual and what a cool keepsake! Plus you found it with your dad! :)
  2. J

    My new dig story in AB&GC Nov Issue "Digging with the Bradford boys"

    We dug this dump w/ a backhoe because it was overdue to be restored and seeded over soon, and it was the last chance to see what remained....not out of laziness. Rick...Great write done good. :)
  3. J

    Surfaceone has passed away

    Haven't posted here much since the forum change...Thank you surface2 for letting us know...even though an internet "friend" he was a friend none the less. I will miss him and his posts. R.I.P. Surf!!
  4. J

    Penn Digger has some good one's ending soon!

    Penn Digger Tom's link...check 'em out! [:D]
  5. J

    Two word game

    Pan gold. [:)]
  6. J


    Paul... Happy Birthday!!!
  7. J


    Yes...Forum was down? Happiest Birthday Jamie!
  8. J

    pontiled Teutenberg & Bauer

    Super early example...Nice finds indeed.
  9. J

    Stumbled upon a decent (untouched) dump today.

    RE: Back to the Stumbled upon Dump 9/22 Very nice Rick...
  10. J

    sunday dig

    Fun dig Jim!...Is that a flask in the first pic?
  11. J

    Stumbled upon a decent (untouched) dump today.

    Cool spot for a dump...Great find Rick! Have you tried paint stripper in small quantitys for the residue? Nice loot.
  12. J

    Any ides on what i stumbled upon?

    RE: Odd Shaped Bottle *
  13. J

    Any ides on what i stumbled upon?

    RE: Odd Shaped Bottle *
  14. J

    Any ides on what i stumbled upon?

    RE: Odd Shaped Bottle Cool Max....It's very mutual,...Thank YOU! Just to have a place to get out and dig is a true pleasure...Thanks for sharing your dig. I'll post up a couple of more pics that Tom sent to me..
  15. J

    Any ides on what i stumbled upon?

    Max....I didn't get a close look at this bottle...Is there a remote possibility that it became partially melted? There was a lot of burning in this dump.
  16. J

    Any ides on what i stumbled upon?

    Cool place to dig! Thanks for having us Max!
  17. J

    thought it was a below avg day on the river, Then..

    What a find!! way to go!
  18. J

    The Big Marsh Dig video!

    Taylor...amazing dig...congrats! Cool video too, good job.
  19. J

    Digging in Coal town with "Privydigger" Bob

    Nice video Rick....Good of you to go help out, you and the "Badge"....Better luck next hole...
  20. J

    The Grandad's Old Cellar

    Awesome, Renee`! Very cool.

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