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    PLease help identify this bottle!

    Thanks so much for the info! Your eyes are much better than mine. I cannot make out the number/letters on the base.
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    PLease help identify this bottle!

    Hello, I volunteer at our transfer station swap shop on Cape Cod and this bottle came in today. I thought it was cool so I grabbed it. It appears to have been blown in the mold with an applied top. Having trouble reading the lettering on the base: I can make out K01 or I. Has anyone seen a...
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    Interesting bottle found in Boston

    Thanks for your reply! Where in Canada are you located?
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    Interesting bottle found in Boston

    Hello. I found a soda bottle near Chelsea, Mass embossed with Bellingham Bottling Wks, C. H. Hobden, Chelsea, Mass. The lettering is inside an embossed bell. Can anyone tell me anything about this bottler? I assume it was located in Bellingham square, Chelsea. Thx, Sarah

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