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  1. mytauntaunsbeat

    Tips on where to dig?

    See if there are any old atlases from your state that would have old properties listed. PA has a site that has aerial photos from the 30s-present that i use to compare to the old maps as well
  2. mytauntaunsbeat

    Help finding old farm dump in PA

    I use the Beers Atlas from 1876 from my area, it has all the townships and towns with the roads, properties and shows where the houses were with family names. I compare them to aerial photography from this site...
  3. mytauntaunsbeat

    Thinning out the Collection

    Any Pennsylvania bottles especially milks?
  4. mytauntaunsbeat

    YouTube digging channels

    I like his channel, i agree he does seem to put alot of work into it and he keeps anything that might be cool even if its not real valuable
  5. mytauntaunsbeat

    YouTube digging channels

    Thanks a lot, ill check them out. Watching digging is getting me motivated to get back out when im well. This time off will help some other beat up parts of me rest and heal too, LOL, thats been the biggest factor in me not doing much digging this summer so far. Getting old sucks!
  6. mytauntaunsbeat

    YouTube digging channels

    Hi all, recovering from hernia surgery so have ALOT of downtime. Can anyone recommend any good digging channels on YouTube? Im pretty fond of Adventure Archaeology and Digger Dave, but would like to find some more, especially if they are in PA.
  7. mytauntaunsbeat

    What's Your Favorite Quack Medicine

    Never seen Druid Oil before thats freaking awesome i love that name. Nice bottles!
  8. mytauntaunsbeat

    Looking for some bottle pricing

    Im not far from you, where is the larger milk bottle from? Might be interested in one of the St Clair milks
  9. mytauntaunsbeat

    early mellins jar

    i have a Mellins i just got in a tote of bottles, so good to know thanks
  10. mytauntaunsbeat

    Rodger the cat.

    The lighting in our apartment is terrible for pictures of any kind, he does look nicer in person. After 3-4 days out its back underground and fat on crickets lol. The Rat snake pics are great!
  11. mytauntaunsbeat

    Rodger the cat.

    My salamander finally made an appearance a few days ago. I poured water in the tank, and he came busting out of the soil like a chest burster from the Aliens movies:D
  12. mytauntaunsbeat

    Schuylkill and surrounding areas

    These are all i could find, let me know. I also have an Ashland medicine around here somewhere as well if thats anything you would want to see
  13. mytauntaunsbeat

    What's Your Favorite Quack Medicine

    I love how they spelled diarrhea lol
  14. mytauntaunsbeat

    What's Your Favorite Quack Medicine

    Fellows' Syrup of Hypophosphites, marketed toward doctors rather than the general public, also apparently contained strychnine!
  15. mytauntaunsbeat

    What's Your Favorite Quack Medicine

    Thought this would be a fun topic to start. I get a kick out of the names of some of the "medicine" used back in the day as well as some of the interesting ingredients that were put in them. I'll start with a local favorite, Oil of Gladness, a specialty of Moyer Brothers Bloomsburg PA...
  16. mytauntaunsbeat

    Member bottle selling site list.

    My FB Store: Little of this and that, been adding some bottles and plan on adding more, plus lots of other things. This is usually prime time for me to set up at flea markets, but well, you been doing more on FB right now. Thanks...
  17. mytauntaunsbeat

    Picked up 2 local milks today

    Marketplace finds, got 2 local dairy bottles today, pretty pumped. Orangeville is an even smaller town than where i live so finding stuff from there is awesome. Centralia is a local ghost town, some of you may have heard of it. If not here a link...
  18. mytauntaunsbeat

    Peanut butter jars

    Awesome man, thanks!
  19. mytauntaunsbeat

    New cork lights for displaying

    My wife did something similar with a couple of old Mason jars, looks nice man
  20. mytauntaunsbeat

    Peanut butter jars

    I just got some jars that look kind of like that and was wondering if they were jars or just drinking glasses. This mark is on the bottom of all 3

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