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    Crazy Wild looking Iridescent Bottle.

    I should figure out how to paint them... if you can get $125 for a $5 bottle
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    Recent finds

    Love that White Rock ice bucket. Those are a tough find...
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    Auction Books

    I have a bunch of old auction catalogs with prices realized. Great to look at and wish I had the money back then to purchase some of them. Wow the difference in price!!
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    Blue Crackled Pontil

    I would say it's 1850's and a sauce bottle.
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    Not one but two, not a clue.

    Nasal Douche is close, but the wrong end of the Female...
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    Another thrift bottle

    Looks like a rolled lip cologne. I would put it in the 1890s. Do you have a picture of the base?
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    Unknown bottles, help!

    I don't have the bottle handy so I can't tell you how it is spelled. Yeah, we had a great time diving. found so cool stuff too. It was a great vaca.
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    Unknown bottles, help!

    A number of years ago I vacationed in Victoria and did a few dives. I found some cool bottles some Thorpe, Morley, Victoria Brewing and maybe my best find was a A. Philips Victoria B.C ginger beer. One of the earliest A. Philips bottles and it has a barnacle on the back of the neck.
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    Tombigbee River find. Need help with ID

    This is a Turn Mold Mineral Water. They were produced from the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s. Although They don't bring a lot of value they come in a rainbow of colors and make great window bottles.
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    Georgia bottles found in Utah!

    The A.W.Meyer is a gravitating stopper
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    Make it Schnappy, Herr Russ

    Love that one. Congrats on the find. If you are going to part with it let me know, I'm interested.
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    Help needed

    The one I used was a two part type. A primer and the glue. It's real similar to a super Glue. Once it's stuck it's stuck!! I think it can be loosened with acetone
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    hello from central Alabama

    Bobbyjack Welcome from California. Bottle collecting can be a passion/obsession. Enjoy the ride.
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    Help needed

    Roy, I've had good results with reattaching necks and tops with the glue that glass shops use to glue the rearview mirror to the inside of the windshild. It won't hide the crack, but it isn't coming back off. Just make sure when you put it in place it's where you want it.
  15. H


    Looks just like the one I have in my collection. I paid $100 for mine. It will be interesting to see what it sells for.
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    New bottle display

    Well one thing for sure... They won't fall over.
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    Soil Probe

    I know Lou with "Old West Bottles". He is a great guy and knows his stuff. His design of probe is top notch. You can't find a better probe out there.
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    An idea for displaying special / interesting bottle and glass shards

    They are call Riker cases and come in all sorts of sizes.
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    A few questions for the bottle-nerds out there

    Well Fishnemsis, Don't let them take my Kodachrome away.... The Info about lip finish and color has been spot on. As to your question on "Registered and This bottle not to be sold"... I don't think anyone can put a specific date on them. I have bottles in my collection from the early 1800's...

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