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    Help with Hobbleskirt ID

    I believe the 576 is a Mould Code used by the Graham Glass Co. for it's Evansville factory. (I'm going to correct myself on what I said previously.) Grahams complex codes for it's soda bottles generally consisted of four parts, Mould Codes, Plant codes, Bottle type codes and Date Codes. Plant...
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    Monday Morning Mystery Mark: The Walton Ice Co., Elyria, OH

    Thank You for verifying my Research! I try to "think outside the box" when a challenge presents itself and of course we always welcome a little bit of Luck!! I admit, I had some on this search!! I agree with you about the "50" mark Not being the date! That's a great picture of the...
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    Monday Morning Mystery Mark: The Walton Ice Co., Elyria, OH

    This is my first posting and I took your CCW Monogram on as a Challenge. I discovered a Glass Factory Marks on Bottles website several months ago and I wanted to see if I could solve your Mystery! I researched CCW and didn't find any monograms! So I looked for CGW monograms and didn't find...

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