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    Mountain Dew Bottle that says filled by Gomer and Jethro.

    You can tell what bottling plant it came from by the names. Some are much more rare than others. I'm not familiar with that one. Poking around on Google I came up with one that was from the mid 60s and sold for around $200. It was in way better condition than yours. If I had to guess I would bet...
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    Glass coca cola bottle date

    Regardless of what the "expert" says this is a 1948 bottle. I'm sure as soon as Bill Porterfield sees this he will agree.
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    Special Coke Bottle.

    Their ad says they've never even seen an empty one.. I have 4 or 5 of them if they want to come have a look. I'll even sell them one for 5 bucks.. lol
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    I Pray to God this is Original Paint...get it!

    LMAO.. OK so you come in here wishing your bottle is so rare you can sell it and never have to work again and then you attack everyone who dosn't agree with your pre-concieved opinion. So now that we've established that you're a rude dick I'll give my opinion. I say it's been repainted. Why ...
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    Help identifying this Root Coca Cola Bottle

    This.. A good rule of thumb is that when you see Coca Cola Bottling Co in block letters it was not Coke. May have been soda water, another flavor, etc but the bottles they used for Coca Cola has the name in the familiar script style of lettering they still use today. With a few exceptions these...
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    1954 Coca Cola bottling co base

    As a Coca Cola collector it's also my understanding that if a bottle has Coca Cola in the traditional script letters it contained Coke. If it's in block letters it was a flavor bottle.
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    Coca Cola Pat. D-105529 Goldsboro, NC

    Common bottle according to the Coke guru Bill Porter's book. Pretty tough condition too. $2-$3 maybe if someone needs it to complete a collection is my guess. The date code will be on the side an inch or 2 from the bottom right at the narrowest part of the bottle. I can see it in your middle...
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    Why ?

    Was poking around a new antique mall yesterday and one of the vendors had 4 or 5 straight sided Amber Coca Cola bottles with the script around the bottom. The necks on all of them had been cleanly cut off about halfway down the tapered part. Almost grabbed one just because. $10 each. The...

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