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    Today's finds at the antique landfill

    Enjoyed the winged reveler on a full moon. Great stuff i
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    Leather wrapped

    another type of applied covering Issa you see woven. Its suppose to American made, but I have yet to authenticate. . i loved your leather bottle. Best I’ve seen, but no expert. Is it Italian. Something the might make in Venice? I sell baskets here in Baltimore and could not resist this...
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    Five for Friday!

    I can see why you are drawn to the orange soda history. There must have been a world of orange soda makers out there at one time. Compared to today’s number of orange makers it’s a clear example of the decline of small business and all those independent ideas and tastes of what orange soda...
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    Baltimore Thos. B. Carroll Whiskey

    I found the same exact bottle in building my house in Baltimore's Fells Point neighborhood. New to bottle collecting. What does BIM pint mean and "dates to the TOC era". Did you learn anything more this particular bottle since that post?

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