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    Missed that soda on Ebay

    How much did E-Bay end up receiving, on this sale?
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    Pls help Grover Cleveland & Adlai Stevenson flask

    Grover and Adlai!
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    Looking for digging buddy!

    I'm in Northwest Florida, Pensacola to be exact.
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    Looking for digging buddy!

    Where are you located at?
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    Bug spray??

    Try "Skin so Soft" by Avon! I've used it for years and it works great!
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    Old bottle?

    Came across your request for info on the "Roboline Cordial" R & E NY Bottle today. Take your pick from the link below...
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    Really Old Gin Bottle found in GTMO

    I was going to say the Gin bottle was mine! I was stationed at the Marine Barracks in Gitmo from May 66 - May 67. Myself and another Marine drank a quart of Tanqueray Gin one night and tossed the empty bottle out on the salt flats, which surrounded the Marine site on 3 sides! Your bottle was a...
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    Help identifying makers mark.

    Does anyone know how to read that type of script? Which letter would be the first name and on and on? Thanks, Pen Pete
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    Dug a Slug plate Pepsi

    Here's a photo of the "Escambia Bottling Company" Pepsi hutch!
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    Looking for bottles from the Hiram Walker Distillery

    Try this link.
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    How do you mitigate the cold when digging?

    Go buy some Deep-Heat or Ben-Gay or similar products. Then rub it between your toes real good! When your feet sweat you'll get a nice warm feeling that lasts all day! I used it for many years as an ironworker working high up in the sky when the only thing that stopped the cold wind was you...
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    English Bottle, Any Information?

    Multiple sites referring to the address of "45 Burnley Road Waterfoot!"...
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    Old brown bottle curiouser 24 oz

    The O with a I with-in it is an Owens-Illinois Toledo, Ohio bottle being used since 1954. Info was found on Page 403 of the - "Bottle Makers and Their Marks" book.
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    Rushton & Co. Chemists New York Bottle
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    What is this bottle?

    This info was found at WorthPoint, a subscription site for prices from auction, SOLD FOR$70.00 SOLD DATEDec 21, 2016 Here is an APPLIED TOP 1870's WHISKEY BOTTLE that is embossed on the front: MULLANEY & HAYES INDIANAPOLIS, IND. and on the BASE is embossed: DHC which was the CHAMBERS GLASS...
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    What is this bottle?

    What does the embossing on the bottle, read as?
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    Pepsi paper labels value....

    Pepsi Cola bottle caps photos...
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    Any info on J Hofsess
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    Any info on J Hofsess

    Anything embossed on the bottom of the bottle?
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    Edward Rafter - Circle Slug Plate Embossed Flask

    Scroll down in the following site for info about Rafter. His info starts right under the photo with the small blue car in it, the second photo.

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