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    Toronto => bottles, jars for sale/trade

    The time has come to thin the collection down 'cause I need the space. So what I'm offering are an odd assortment of liquor, beers, soda, and fruit jars. Most of these were dug/bought in the Owen Sound area in the 70's and I'm open to offers or trades for Owen Sound druggist bottles , Wm...
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    Weekend Digs

    J F Hartz was a medical supply company - which means that doctors and hospitals were the ones who ended up with the bottles. Most of them got recycled for use in the lab once the original contents were exhausted - few turn up in the average dump, but you'll find them in a small town or city...
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    Odd shaped milk

    This is what is referred to as a "cream top". In the days before homogenized milk and skim milk you got whole milk that had been pasteurized. Whole milk naturally separates into cream and milk, with cream floating on top. Someone figured how much cream would float on top of a regular quart of...
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    Nice one this - it was also one of my first Owen Sound druggists. The business succession for your drug store runs as follows: Vincent Chantler "Palace Pharmacy" 188?-1892 W H Taylor 1892 - 1913 Jury & Leslie 1913 - 1950s? Leslie-Dowkes 1950's to 1971 Don Nicol Pharmacy 1971 - 1980s...
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    what a day, look at all the bottles.

    Hmm... from the pics I'd say you're digging on the east side of the harbour - which is where the dump in Owen Sound was from 1840's to the early 1950's when they moved it to the old quarries on the east hill (now Duncan McLelland park). The oldest sections are at the end of 2nd ave east by 15th...
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    Canadian bottles?

    Wm Taylor, Owen Sound Wm Taylor has a long history in Owen Sound. The elder William Taylor set up shop around 1885 on his own, then joined with Pringle to form Taylor & Pringle around 1892. T&P made assorted sodas, pickles, vinegar, etc. expanding the soda business to include Coca-Cola in 1905...

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