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    7oz 7up 1954-1979

    The only other 7up items I have are cans from the early 70's.
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    7oz 7up 1954-1979

    I have a Swimgirl with city: Winston-Salem, NC. I believe mine is a 1951.
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    Coke Cork Cap

    It's hard to read on the edge but this was bottled in Winston-Salem, NC
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    Eckerd Alcohol Glass Bottle

    Bottom of bottle is labeled "Lamb". Middle of bottom has a 1 in center.
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    Amber Clorox with Cap

    In the 1970's, my uncle gave this to me. He said an old building was being torn down and it was found in the crawl space. I also have a embossed "Fleecy White" and "Sunol". Also a few with no embossing.
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    What is this?

    Maybe a cage divider for a farm. Or part of a tractor implement.
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    32oz. Glass Coke Never Opened

    In the 1970's, my father received this as a gift. He didn't like receiving unsolicited gifts so he never opened it. There is nothing on the bottom of bottle but on the side is stamped 76 10L dot dot. Bottled in Charlotte, NC.
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    Coke Bottle

    It is a screwtop bottle. I didn't show it well enough in the photo.
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    Coke Bottle

    As far as I can remember, I bought the coke and drank it so this one I'm pretty sure of. I'm curious why you think the cap doesn't match.
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    Coke Bottle

    This is a clear Coke bottle I bought new in the 70's or 80's. I've never seen one before or since so I kept it. The inside of bottle cap says: Muster and Parade of Ancient Fife and Drum Corps Connecticut 7. Outside of cap says: Bottled by WUM__ __ __O (scratch where missing letters are)...
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    AHK Jar Identify

    I wonder if the line around the AHK would help date it. I've done some looking but haven't found it yet.
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    AHK Jar Identify

    After my mother's death at the age of 96, I was going through her attic and found a box of Mason type jars. Found this AHK jar with a metal handle. The AHK logo has a line around it. Below it on left is a sideways 3. Below that is 713. Jar is 9 inches tall. The handle ends go into the...

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