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    Old Mexico

    I was reading a bit about Mexico and Prohibition. It seems that during this period Tijuana grew from a dusty little town to a quite large one. Americans had to have been going across the border to get a legal drink during the prohibition years which might explain Tijuana's rapid growth back...
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    Old Mexico

    I found this (with contents) at the Wellfleet Drive In Flea mkt this Fall. Eight bucks later it was mine, comes with a handy shoulder cord for drink while U walk activities. This is a BIM bottle with an applied lip; I figure it's from the prohibition era. Rum Brandy. And no, I did not try a sip.
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    U S MAIL

    I found this w/a search on US mailboxes;. Something must have inspired the maker to construct a mold like this; could it be related to or celebate the introduction of a new style of mailbox? Just throwing this out there. By 1891 the U.S. Post Office Department had over 48,400 letter boxes of...
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    Has anyone ever saw any of these?

    Does anyone have a picture of a snap on lid to share? :confused:
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    New England Ink

    Talking to myself here. I can't edit my original post: It's a Coventry ink.
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    Dream Dig: Barrel bitters dug from an incredible dump!

    Wholly Kao!!! o_O That vid got my heart pumping; nothing like a New England dump. :cool:
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    Blob tops clean up fairly easily it seems how about this candidate?
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    This Followed Me Home

    Thanksgiving in Maine this week along with a bit of antiquing. This was the result. :) Found in a dusty corner of a western Maine antique shop. Would this one tumble well? I'd love to see it a bit cleaner.
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    Tiny Glass Bottle Identification

    From out of left field... Why do I think this might be a smelling salts bottle?
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    Two medicines

    Thanks for the wiki link; funny how the use of a descriptor can vary so wildly.
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    Requesting Information on Skilton Foote & Cos Bunker Hill Pickles

    Can anyone show a photograph of the lighthouse bottle? I've only seen the one with the Bunker Hill monument. Here's my example. One of my ancestors, Eleazor French lost an arm to a cannon ball at Bunker/Breed's Hill. He survived and brought his severed arm home to Dunstable where it was buried...
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    Two medicines

    Yep. Smooth bases. The HARRISONs ICELAND BALSAM has a lovely pot stone in the blank side. What the heck was medicinal Balsam? When I think of balsam, I think of Fir trees. :confused:
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    Two medicines

    Any history of the Harrison's and Gardiner's medicines and any other products made by them.
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    Two medicines

    I couldn't find either of these with the site's search engine.
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    diggermeister returns (so?)

    another dump find. Interesting that these don't seem to suffer from 'sickness' something in the glass?
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    A neighbor down the street has a house built in 1840; it looks like it's straight out of an Adams Family cartoon. It was built on brick columns and there was about 3 feet of clearance below. I was doing some repairs there and spotted a pretty neat pontiled bottle, sick as hell, but it still...
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    Help identify this bottle

    The stopper is a figural copy of a wired champagne cork; now that is interesting.
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    New to collection, need help

    Thanks! :) Nothing else on the bottom or heel of this bottle. I don't know, but maybe you do. When did crush bottles change from a smooth neck to a wrinkled surface?
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    Dating / appraising unopened wine bottles discovered in prohibition cabinet!

    I doubt that an auctioneer would accept them to put in auction; they're just too new. :(

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