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  1. moodorf

    Yellow Ware Figural Match holder w/strikeplate

    I managed to find an less common piece of yellow ware at an antique store; a match holder with strikeplate. Each side of the pedestal has a strike plate. The "33" could be 1933-- year of manufacture. It could be a bit more or less older than that. I have no idea who the subject of the figural...
  2. moodorf

    Full 100+ year old Beer. Drink Up?

    I'll drink it. Can I keep the 5 cent deposit? ;) Cool bottle.
  3. moodorf

    Ceramic Umbrella Stands

    Another super-condensed informal history bit: Although various home made forms of Umbrella holders have existed since (obviously) the invention of the Umbrella, the earliest forms of what could today be called Umbrella stands existed as mere components of large wooden Victorian Hall Stands in...
  4. moodorf

    Why hello there, yellow ware

    I started collecting Yellow Ware. I still enjoy Antique Bottles and Antique Stoneware but now I'm adding yellow ware to the list. Should I paste a short definition of Yellow ware for the uninitiated? Sure? okay. British Yellow Ware The earliest British yellow ware production began in Glasgow...
  5. moodorf

    So hot, almost too hot to dig!

    oh yeah I remember visiting Savannah one time and it was like in the 80's every day... in november
  6. Stuff I've dug/found

    Stuff I've dug/found

  7. The seven Hutchinson bottles I've found

    The seven Hutchinson bottles I've found

    I found all of these in a concentrated area. (From left) "W. VA. Grocery & Candy Co/ Fairmont W. VA." "Eagle Bottling Wks *Eagle* Buffalo NY" "Eagle Bottling Wks *Eagle* Buffalo NY" Blank Hutch Blank Hutch "Marion Bottling / Works / Fairmont W. VA." " J. Niefergold / Hamburgh / N.Y."
  8. moodorf

    So hot, almost too hot to dig!

    Really it's been in the 80's so many days out here I haven't really been able to dig since Late May/June. I might go as far as saying that July and probably August are not good months for digging. Anyway, today we had some temps in the high 60's and none of that haze so here's the result of my...
  9. moodorf

    Digging in Japan

    Bottle hunting in another country would be so cool! I'd be self conscious though. No weird looks from the locals?
  10. moodorf

    Anyone want to help me date a Stoneware Jar?

    Thanks Dan and everyone else!
  11. moodorf

    Age question for 2 bottles.

    DavidW's site does indeed say after 1886 C & CO LIM……..Cunningham(s) and Company, Limited, Pittsburgh, PA (1886-1907) source I remember finding a C&CO LIM bottle last year. the base looked like this which looks more clean and newer than yours. and...
  12. moodorf

    Anyone want to help me date a Stoneware Jar?

    could be, although I think it could be an oyster jar
  13. moodorf

    Anyone want to help me date a Stoneware Jar?

    Cool! Could you elaborate on that?
  14. moodorf

    Anyone want to help me date a Stoneware Jar?

    I recently bought this Jar at a local antique store. At least I think it's a jar. I figured it was made in a 19th century kiln. But I'm not 100% sure what part of the 19th century it's from. It almost looks like an ovoid jar, but I don't know if I'd call it an ovoid jar because it's at it's...
  15. Mason Jars I've found

    Mason Jars I've found

    They're mostly Ball jars and Atlas/Mason Jars.
  16. Stuff I've dug/found

    Stuff I've dug/found

    Stuff I've discovered/recovered in my little bottle hunts.
  17. moodorf

    Digging in Japan

    Digging Japanese I think you're digging Japanese I really think so

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