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    Imitation Artificial Color & Flavor, Fruit Acid Added, Trace Benzoate of Soda

    Spirit Bear - I only collect deco, not ACLs, so I was referring to the decos, but yes, most of my Nu Grapes say imitation grape flavor or some variation no matter where they are from. The statements might be on the caps, although I don't get any deco bottles with their caps.aI searched just for...
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    Imitation Artificial Color & Flavor, Fruit Acid Added, Trace Benzoate of Soda

    Not wanting to hijack a recent thread in which this statement was mentioned, I'm asking about it in this new thread. I collect soda bottles from all over the U.S. Several of them have various statements on them like the title of this thread. There are several variations, and not all the words...
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    Happy Anniversay

    I'm a collector of deco sodas. I have a couple of items of amusement related to this discussion. The story of the designing of the deco Coca Cola bottle by Earl R. Dean is an interesting one and I wanted to do just a bit more investigating online. As I imagine everyone here knows, the...
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    Debossed Dr. Pepper Tenn. Question

    My opinion is that it's merely an irradiated bottle.
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    Try Me Cola bottle after 1900s from Birmingham Ala

    The deco type of Try-Me bottle design was patented in April 1924. In some areas, the 10 oz size is more common and in other areas, the 9 oz size is more common. Perhaps your bottle is not a pure deco type, and is an ACL (applied color label) type of Try-Me instead.The 6 LGW 2 means Laurens Glass...
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    Are quart size bottles less collectible?

    My thoughts and experience is limited to deco sodas since I collect only those. In that limited sphere, I have noticed a few things on the issue of quart size, both in the auction world and in the antique store world. The large size bottles do seem to be comparatively inexpensive. Like...
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    Welsh's, Thrill and Electric Beverages ?

    Hi goodman1966 - The thrill bottle is a great deco design! There is a green one like that too. It is not uncommon to see either the colorless or green one for sale. Mine have no town name and don't say Lime Cola on them, so the one you saw has a bit more interest despite being in...
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    John G. Epping Bottles

    That design patent D64209 is the design used by Julep.(Not to say that it couldn't have been used by Epps as well.)
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    Orange Snap Hobnail Bottle

    I have one of those Orange Snap hobnail bottles that says Orange Snap From Real Fruit.The underside of mine says Wilmington N.C.I don't know anything more about it.
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    help with chero- cola bott. co. nehi bottle,

    The best variety of these Nehi bottles that say Chero-Cola on them are the ones that say "THE BEST" on them.Yours has that!
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    help with coca-cola bottle, embossed tested on shoulder

    Mine has the same town.The bottle manufacturer (mold maker?) is Root.
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    help with coca-cola bottle, embossed tested on shoulder

    It is an impressive bottle - big and heavy with a heavily embossed design. I have often wondered about the "Tested" label on it; perhaps a reaction to a publicized catastrophe of the time.
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    Kansas City sodas

    I have a 20oz Glendale too and have seen the 7oz for sale on ebay a few times but it always seems overpriced to me.Your historical note on Glendale was interesting! An excellent Kansas City bottle is the Serenader's bottle. It comes in both 18oz and 8oz. I don't know about Kansas City ones in...
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    Soda Water...

    ROBDABOLINA - This bottle has a design patent: D69848.A more commonly seen version is the Jackson Beverages bottle which has a figure of Andrew Jackson waving and riding a horse in the bottle's 'window'.Three Rivers is an especially collectible bottle maker.
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    Possible Decco Soda

    Hi bottlerocket. Yes, the Five-O is a good looking deco soda bottle. It comes in 7.5oz, 7oz, 6.5oz, and i think 6oz size too. The Big Guy is another cool deco soda bottle. There are thousands of different ones. I don't think there is an official name for this kind of bottle; there are the...
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    Got Vogels?

    I have the embossed Vogel's Big Bottle like yours. It's interesting because it's the design used by Bob-O-Link bottles and some Orange Crush bottles, except the Vogel's has an additional layer of circles-in-squares.
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    Silver State bottle art deco ?

    Yes that is one of the most fancied-up bottles. [:D]
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    Silver State bottle art deco ?

    Hi Iblackvelvet, I have one of these bottles too.Mine has 21 <O> 6 on it, which probably means that the glass mold used to make the bottle I have was made in 1936, while yours was made in 1937. Mine, like yours, also has the number 2449 on it, and this kind of number is conjectured to be the...
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    Stone Fizz

    I believe that it's called a 'frozen bottle' only because of that surface on it, not any color (mine has no color). Lots of bottles have that frosty look as part of their design. An obvious example is the Big Frosty bottles.
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    Stone Fizz

    Well some of the bumpy/ripply textured decos are way too curvy for gluing paper labels onto them. The textured type of hourglass NuGrape is an example. I don't collect straight-side bottles, but I assume they all had paper labels (?). This Stone Fizz is sort of a hybrid situation in a...

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