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    Undug? Dump

    I have had my eye on a local small town dump for several weeks but the weather has held me back. I am friends with an elderly local lady and she said "everybody has dumped their stuff there for years". On a walk thru a couple weeks ago I found a ACL "Goody" soda. So sun bleached the logo was...
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    Bottle Repair

    Wow! Forget my last post. I did a search on the Forum for HXTAL NYL-1 but did not come up with a match. Now I see someone yesterday used exactly what I was talking about!! <moved to this thread and link added - Admin>
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    rerpaired lip

    You did a great job! I had the same product but have not used it yet cause I was not sure what to use as a dam to hold it in place. Also did not want to mess a good piece up.
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    Bottle Repair

    Has anyone ever heard of a product called HXTAL- NYL-1? It is supposed to be an ultra pure epoxy resin that is used to repair glass. It supposedly remains clear and totally tansparent over both time and extreme exposure to direct light. Any one ever use it? If so, how was the result?

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