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Thread: Piso's Cure

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    What caused you to be interested in Piso, please? I am Ezra Thomas Hazeltine's great granddaughter and only just discovered his - and Piso's - history. I am intrigued by the wide array of Piso memorabilia. Thank you

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    I've dug up many green Piso Cure bottles in a big, old Chicago dump (Riverview). As a great granddaughter of the founder of the company, do you have any heirlooms from the company or specifically pertaining to Piso's Cure? Ever get to meet Mr. Hazeltine? I'm interested in all handmade bottles because they are tangible parts of and links to our history, and what we believed in and consumed over 100 years ago. The are also part of our art history!

    I sold all my Piso's Cure bottles in 2008, so I have none to give you. But if I ever come up with one, you can have it!


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