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    Mumbys table water?

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to help my dad get some info on this bottle. There isn't very much I can find on the web. Its a Mumbys table water bottle. It has twelve sides and I guess you would say acid etched? At the top it has the German cross or swachtica (Ha I KNOW that was a wrong sp). On the bottom it has Rg. No 69955 maybe a 3 or an 8. From what I have found it is from the twentys but I would like more info. Is't Table water wine? Any value to a bottle like this? The stopper is missing. Any help would be great.


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    RE: Mumbys table water?

    If this bottle is as rare as it appears then I want a MILLION bux for it! Ha Ha! Just kidding! Is there no info on it? Anybody have one? Just a bump to see.



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