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    RE: The Common KV-1, actually worth something.

    So this is interesting. My NY bottle has the”/ POISON ” on the left. The bottom is marked
    “/ 67 ” with the “/ F ” under it. Mine is 3-3/8” high, with a square tooled lip. I think 'I have two more some place. RED Matthews

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    thanks for all the shared info , i have only been digging almost 2 years (indiana) and a few weeks ago i got my 1st poison , a kv-1 clear ,,, then two days later i got my 2nd poison , a kv-1 amber . no more then 12 inches apart. both left side embosed ..diamond on bottom ,,and i almost gave the clear away.

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    You held onto the best of the 2. Congrats on the find

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    I checked a few that I had out and found one the 3 3/8 that has a F on the bottom and poison on the left side only. I got to check some others. I know I got one somewhere that doesn't have poison on it. I have one question what is one 1 3/8 tall with poison on both sides worth? Is it rare ? It is the only one I have ever seen that little.


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