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    Fradulent Bottle Auctions on eBay now - help stop!

    Seller endlesstreasures39507 has 4 bottle auctions on eBay now with high priced bottles using pics he stole from other sites.
    Please report complaints to eBay (like I did) to stop this practice that hurts the credibility of our hobby - click on the "Report Item" link in eBay list.

    Very Rare Birmingham, AL Coca-Cola Hutchinson Hutch
    pics stolen from:

    Very Rare Tuskegee, AL Coca-Cola Hutchinson Hutch cb76
    pics stolen from:

    Gorgeous 11" Seaworth Bitters Co. Bottle, Cape May, NJ 7838
    pics stolen from my web site (without permission):

    Very Rare Escambia Pepsi Cola Hutch, Pensacola, FL d8e1
    pics stolen from ??? - not sure yet, but sure they were stolen as well - can anyone help?

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    RE: Fradulent Bottle Auctions on eBay now - help stop!

    They,re gone, damn good job. Have you ever thought about watermarking your pics. It pizz's me off to see them that way but I understand why and it makes it hard on the crooks.

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    RE: Fradulent Bottle Auctions on eBay now - help stop!

    This topic has been approved and moved to...
    Thanks to all.


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