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    GEO. SCHROEDER East St.Louis ILL. beer

    I picked this up at the flea today. It does have some damage but for $2.00 I wasn't going to leave it there. For now it will sit on my shelf until a better one comes along, after I clean it of coarse. I assume it was a Weiss beer. Common?, Scarce? Rare? Thanks for any info. I did a google search but couldn't find much. I also did a search on this site and found some great info on the company but not too much on the beer.

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    RE: GEO. SCHROEDER East St.Louis ILL. beer

    hi. the Weiss beer bottle was common in the middwest. st . Louis and milwaukee being the top perduchers . youll find them in Chicago,and Cincinnati also.

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    RE: GEO. SCHROEDER East St.Louis ILL. beer

    Thanks sunrunner. I wasn't aware of the other cities you mentioned as l only collect St. Louis and surrounding areas. This is the first Illinois Weiss beer for me though. I couldn't find it on Bruce Mobley's web site therefore I'm thinking it maybe a bit scarce.


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