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    That is just an awesome figural. Definitely worth the cleaning. Bet that form wasn't a great survivor, with the narrow base and the rounded sides. Just looks like it would tip over easily around drunks.

    Jim G

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    Thanks, Jim. It wasn't a cheap clean, I guess because of the shape relative to the neck placement, but considering I didn't have a dime in it, I went ahead with it and glad I did. I don't have but 4 other barrels, and this one adds a lot to the grouping in both shape and color (even if it is clear).
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    Hi there. Iím a newby. How did you get the haze out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GritsGal View Post
    Hi there. I’m a newby. How did you get the haze out?
    There are people with cleaning machines who you can send a bottle to and they'll polish it for a fee, that removes the haze. It's not cheap though, so only worth doing on very special bottles.


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