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Thread: old threads .

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    old threads .

    why are old threads keep coming up on this site? I have seen some just recently that are too or the years olds!

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    I personally revived one of Carlings threads from 2010....why???...because it seemed relevant and added nicely to the topic, besides I post stuff on here and get like 2 response's!
    The thing I hate about this site is the inability to edit my post!....for me I like to have that ability to add in stuff I forgot, on another site I use it as a fully editable is so awesome!
    If you want to have a peek for curiosity sake?...let me know.....I usually try and tie up the first 7 posts then I can edited and add to each section as would have to see what I've done, it's also a ton of work!

    But I know what your saying....that moment you realize your reading something from 3 years ago!
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    Two years ago a poll was made and the voting was in favor of letting all threads be open forever.
    As far as editing, you can for I think 2 days here's what I suggested and it was fairly well backed up.
    "I think 3 minutes was way to short but unlimited adds additional problems. When a post is made and has a bunch of replies and then the OP edits with new info or ads pics in the first, I get lost.
    Maybe edit until a reply is made?"
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    easy way out, just read that red header on every post, it has the date right on it, sometimes even the time


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