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    Vintage White House Vinegar bottle

    I recently found a Vintage White House Vinegar 1 gallon jug with
    "For a generation the standard" embossed on the jug,can anyone tell me what year these were made and the value as well. It also has a ring neck and it is a cork top bottle
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    Can you post a photo? I've seen the "For a Generation the Standard" bottles plenty but never a cork top gallon...I've seen screw top gallons and the "cork" top flat front and back smaller sizes.

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    Question One gallon White House vinegar jug with a cork top and without a pouring spout.

    I picked up a clear White House vinegar jug that appears to hold approximately one gallon with a cork top and without a pouring spout and am curious as to the approximate production date range. Any idea as to when this jug may ave been produced? Many thanks.
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    foxfirerodandgun, your jug was used in the 1920's.

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    Thank you!!


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