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    My Grandfathers prize find in the 1960's from a bottle dig outside D.C.

    I remember this bottle sitting in a window sill in my grandmothers Kitchen my whole life. I received it after my grandfather died in '95'. Grandmother told me that he found it at a bottle dig site on a bussiness trip in/outside D.C. in the mid-late 60's. I do not think it had been underground long! I researced it a few years back and can remember finding no trace of "Parsons" in Lockport, N.Y. having existed. Can anyone tell me anything about it? Also, it is such a deep purple. Is it "Sun purple" or would it have been that color of glass?
    Sorry if this is post 1900. I was not quite sure.
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    Sitting in the window baking in the sun rays all those years turned it what they call SCA. Sun Colored Amethyst. Exposure to the sun turning it purple. Nice bottle. LEON.

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    Sorry if this is post 1900. I was not quite sure.
    It doesn't matter to me. I always thought they should be mouth blown and machine made. Yours is done by hand but Parsons opened in 1900 technically I guess it should have. Anyway, that's a stunning Citrate.

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    It is a nice 1900 +/- 10 or so years, authentic bottle. It's a very nice memento of your Gramps.
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    Very nice!


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