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    When I get chance to look at some of my stuff I will see what I got if anything. I usually don't keep much that I don't collect I have a buddy that has a ton of bottles that he collects and I just give him 3 big boxes full this past summer. I have acquired some more though that I don't collect and have yet to do anything with them so I will see and hopefully we can help each other out. Thanks again

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    Take your time, thanks!
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    I am so sorry I have not got back to you before now it has been crazy couple of months. I have failed as a fellow collector in being prompt and diligent about getting back in touch or finding out any info for you. I unfortunately have still not got to look at any of my bottles so if you have parted with the bottle it is totally understandable. i will try and get to my overflow asap and let you know if I have anything.


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