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    Edward Auld Montreal bottle

    I have come across this bottle, clearly Canadian, but in England from a World War 1 context. It is 10" tall 3" diameter with diagonal ribbing. There is a clear space for a label and at the top of this is embossed Edward Auld, Montreal. I can find no information about the bottle or the name on it. Can anyone help please?
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    Sorry I can't help. good luck.
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    its likely a liquor bottle of some sort , it make sense it was found in Europe and linked to ww1 . as a lot of Canadians went there to train and fight .

    but I haven't actually seen this exact bottler before but montreal is a very large city and had a lot of bottlers

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    Thanks for trying - it was from a site where Canadian troops were training, and there are MANY other alcohol bottles from the site, so a liquor is my guess too

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    Edward Auld was a major manufacturer of mucilage, glue and printing inks in Montreal during the 40 or so years straddling 1900.


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