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    Mustard Bottle W. Braunewell

    I found this mustard bottle in a Civil War camp context long ago. I was thinking it was from Philadelphia, but can't find the name in the city directories. Does anyone know about this bottle? Are there any mustard-bottle collectors out there?
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    Zumwalt is the book of condiment bottles. I don't have same. He should give some indication if rare etc. IDK if Zumwalt tells you background, like where it's from.

    My best guess is it is fairly uncommon, as I haven't seen one on here before. And it's pontiled so that's gotta up the ante on value somewhat.

    Jim G

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    It's definitely Philadelphia. He does show up in several directories...below is the entry from the 1868 Philadelphia directory.

    Braunewell William, mustard, N 2d n Gtn av & 319 branch, h 319 Branch

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    Thanks for the link. Very interesting.

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    Great info. I was not having any luck in the 1866 city directory. Maybe looking in the wrong place.

    Zumwalt shows the bottle on page 58, but doesn't provide any source info. It does show "ext. rare-12*"

    Thanks dumpdiver, nhpharm and saratogadriver for the help!

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    I have a small grouping, not really a collection, of barrel mustards and this is new to my data bank. GREAT discovery in my opinion, I would like to add one to my group anytime (if I could afford it).
    Jim S.
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    Sweet find!

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    I have just discovered by searching "Braunewell Mustard Jar" your question from way back on May 10, 2017. Coincidentally, my dad's birthday was May 11th, 1911. His name was Richard Anthony Braunewell. The Braunewell Mustard Company was established in Philadelphia, PA by my father's grandfather. Please read my profile on your "" website which I have just joined in order to answer your question. I am thrilled to learn of your discovery in a "Civil War" camp!!!
    Kathleen M. (Braunewell) Curtis - Kathy is my nickname.


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