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    Intracoastal find ID help

    Still need to do some more cleaning but looks in decent shape. My little bit of knowledge says definitely pre 1930s but how much older than that I have no idea. Very faint S or 5 on the bottom. Any help would be much appreciated. You guys are the best.
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    Nice bottle. Im guessing 1880-1890 ish. Can you elaborate on the intracoastal?

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    I'm thinking a little later, 1900 - 1910. Good color, strap sided flask.
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    I'm gonna go in the middle! 1890-1900 with the tooled lip.

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    In Florida.....I paddleboard quite a bit, get into waters and see shoreline most don't see. I heart low tides. Find all kinds of stuff. Thanks for the replies guys.


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