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    privy digging probe

    Hey everyone looking to buy a 5 foot privy probe anyone know where to buy one, my house is from 1835 would really like to find the privy on the property. Thanks !

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    Not sure where you could buy one. You can make one fairly simple if you have the tools. Go to a car wrecking yard and ask for a trunk lid tension rod off of an older car. Thread the one end for a handle and round the other end for the probe tip. Good luck finding your privy!

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    I buy them from these folks:

    They are utility probes but work very well, especially if you have fairly compact top soil. I've used 1 probe for 6 years now, though I recently bought a backup as my original is getting a little thin (I use the 3/8" hex rod). They have replaceable tips.

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    Try "Agri Drain Corp". $38 for a 5'. I've used them for years, they are stainless rather than spring, but they're good.


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