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    Loveitts Celebrated Cough Tincture Bottle

    I cannot find any info about this bottle on line. Wondering if anyone here knows anything about it. Bottle is about 5" high. Nicely embossed with "Loveitts Celebrated Cough Tincture" Seam runs all the way through lip. Some bubbling in glass

    Many thanks
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    I looked for it in Matt Knapp's wonderful book on patent medicines and it does not appear. Nor does any other from LOVEITT. You might have a real rarity there.
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    I could be wrong but I believe this is a UK bottle.

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    I was thinking that might be the case too. The only hits I got on line for the name were in the U.K. No medicine manufacturers. Also "Tincture" does not seem to have been widely used Thanks.

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    Thank you for checking for me!


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