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    New to this Forum and need help

    Good afternoon. I just purchased a tote full of antique and vintage glass bottles at a garage sale. There must be about 100 or more bottles. I really know nothing about these bottles and just beginning to do some research. My first question is, I am not sure if I should wash them in soapy water to clean them or not. With some antiques, I understand you should not do anything to them. Secondly, what and where is the best place (web sites, books, etc.) to find information on these bottles. I was able to locate a site that showed maker marks, and was able to find information on the first two of the bottles I pulled out. They were Owen's Glass, possible 1919. Any and all information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Welcome to the hobby, lenorahill. Congrats on your efforts to educate yourself. I recommend Cecil Munsey's book, COLLECTING BOTTLES for its vast amount of authoritative information. It's out of print, but a used copy is usually available on for a few dollars -- a true bargain.

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    This one divides alphabetically (in several sections) various maker's marks and names to help with dating:

    This one is divided into many sections that let you do visual diagnostics on American utility glass (bottles) to try and figure out when they were made:

    As for cleaning them, if they are just glass, no paper or applied-colour label ( ACL, or 'painted'-looking labels), water is fine.

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