Hello all
I own a Studio called Ravenmyst Studio & Design
I am looking to buy common bottles from 1860s to 1900 unembossed preferred.
Rectangular paneled is fine , dirty is ok stained not so good, No cracks or chips
looking for that low dollar stuff 50 cents to 1.00. Must be at least 3 inches tall . Iused to dig all i needed but i have moved in the last 6 months and have run out of stock and do not no any dumps in my new area.
If your interested please contact me I will only buy lots of ten or more.
Send me lot photos and shoot me a price with shipping I can pay by paypal or
bank check whatever you prefer.
These will all be turned into art and display items.
you can reach me here on the forum or at mysticalravens@yahoo.com
Thank you.
I am also a collector of Bitters and Early Meds.