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    I live in San Diego ,calif iam trying to find a Coronado Pharmacy with I believe a dr,s name embossed on it as well.~6_7 tall clear glass rectangular late 1800s-Early 1900s saw one 40 years ago be it was unattainable at that time anyone out there know of such an animal please let me know.I NEED ONE! Thanks for your help and I will be holding my breath.

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    According to Edrick Miller in his book on embossed California Drug Store bottles, the one and only Coronado bottle is embossed in script: HOTEL CORONADO PHARMACY / CORONADO BEACH CALIFORNIA that has a CROWN & T.J. FISHER in a circle at the top of the bottle. It is rated as EXTREMELY RARE so if you are fortunate enough to locate one it will likely be VERY expensive. Good Luck.
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