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    Looking for 1 gallon milk jars with the glass rings that hold the handle

    Hello everyone.

    I am new to collecting milk jars but not collecting milk caps. For years, I have collected caps that state Raw Milk and just recently ventured into 1 gallon milk jars with the glass rings for the handles. By the way, what is the actual term for those type of bottles?

    If you have happened to pick one up and no longer want it, please shot me an email at cherapaca at windstream dot net. I would love to see pictures of any ones that you want to share as well. Especially if you have a collection of them.

    I'm not collecting any theme or state, just the gallon size with the glass rings for the wire handles. Thanks for your time and looking forward to getting some emails (and buying some bottles).

    Cathy in Texas

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    I have not had much luck in finding websites of bottle collectors selling bottles.
    Can you share some sites, please.


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