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    Old coca cola.3-C . Can't find anything like it. Thank you very much in advance!!!

    Once again, Thank You for your time and consideration. Had this for years. Have looked and looked and found nothing. Thought it was odd coca cola would share its name. The top is damaged. Once again Thank You, Sincerely Timothy Main Oak Glen So. Ca.
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    Welcome to the forum. Very interesting bottle. Before the hobble skirt Coca Cola bottle there was no standard for straight sided coca cola bottles. There is a straight sided similar to yours on the net with a large C C R embossed on the bottle. Dug a lot of straight sided coca colas , but never seen this one . Also, when Coca Cola was first bottled there were two separate companies. The Coca Cola Company in Atlanta, and the Coca Cola Bottling Co. Worth keeping even with the damaged top. Hope this helps in some way. Buster

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    Sorry it took so long, but THANK YOU for your help and time, Have a great month, Sincerely Timothy Main

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    Haven’t seen one like that. Really nice find.


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