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    Talking I have a old wood milk crate that needs Id and history

    Hi this is Matthew again
    a friend of mine saved a old wood milk bottle crate from a old house that was going to be torn down. The old wood milk bottle crate was in the basement of the house. and the basement also flooded
    there would have been 2 wood milk bottle crates but the second one had very bad water damaged and one of handles broke off and the wood was in very bad shape.
    I think the milk bottle crate says bentley & renchen but I am not sure ??
    also can anyone give me some history on this wood milk bottle crate ??
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    Yep-Bentley & Remchen Dunkirk, New York. Bottles are pretty common and most of them I have seen date the 1950's. Your crate looks to be 1930's-1950's and is a pretty standard stackable crate. Maybe $20 on a good day.


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