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    the end to the pit

    i cannot get to the end of the pit....the contractor is back filling over it. I managed three gems last night. A C. C. Bristol with the backwards s and a Bear oil and a puff.
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    Wow...those are two real gems! That bear oil is incredible. I love the embossing error as well. Regardless of the outcome, congratulations on a fantastic and historical dig. Always exciting to get into stuff that old and we all appreciate you sharing this with us!

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    Wow, what great, early finds. I'll be forever haunted with wondering what else may have been at the bottom of that pit. I appreciate your effort in recovering what you could. An old friend and I often talk about the incredible bottles that must be buried under tens of feet of dirt from cut and fill development in urban areas over the last 50 years, stuff that we can't fathom ever being uncovered short of some unimaginable, cataclysmic event. Of course, then there probably wouldn't be anybody left to recover anything!

    That Bear Oil just rocks.

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    I agree on the historical aspect of your dig, excellent examples of the types of bottles we all wish we could dig, I love the painted marbles you found too!


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