I have two bottles I dug many years ago and still have found very little about either.
The first is Dr. Russell's Balsam of Horehound and Sarsaparilla standing 9 1/2" tall with beveled corners (tombstone style) aqua with pontil

The second is Burnett's Apothecary, 33 Tremont Row, Boston standing 7 1/2" tall aqua with short neck (1") oval in shape, also with pontil

Forgot a third... Third is a William Brown/ Druggist &Chemist/481 Washington St./ Boston standing 8 1/2" tall , aqua having beveled corners with indentation panels on front beveled corners. There are 3 indented panels in all, all on front.
Tapered collar top and with pontil.

I have some history on Burnett and William Brown but little on Russell bottle any history on value would be helpful. Thanks