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Thread: Great Shard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverdiver View Post
    I too saw this shard about an hour after Bram did and was equally stunned. I went to the mud flats with Kevin and we gave it the old college try, no more shards but I did get two boots full of seawater.
    I was praying you didn't fall over in the mud,
    because I would not have been able to stop laughing! I am sure many were watching from the comfort of their homes saying what are those two idiots doing? Good times!

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    Only with you my friend Kevin, only with you!

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    Nice Kevin.
    Amazing, early and rare. I be excited that it was somewhere where I could find it!

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    That shard is awesome...I cry when I think of all the shards I chucked when I was a kid. I've recently been going back to dumps (if I can still find) after 35 yrs) and looking for them


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