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    E.M. Estey Chemist Moncton NB.

    I have someone who is interested in purchasing my E.M. Estey Chemist Moncton NB. ( New Brunswick ) Bottle. But I cannot find a value on it and all my bottle books are 1970's ! Can anyone help me value it ? It ins Aqua and in perfect condition. 7 1/4" inches tall x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" mold seam stops at the shoulder and base of the neck ! Thanks in advance for any information !

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    PM sent.

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    nice bottle I'm not sure if I've seen it before , I'm not that familiar with New Brunswick bottles but I haven't seen that many bottles from Moncton before even though its a bigger city . have no idea as to its value but would imagine it be desirable

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    I have a place not far from there that we go in the summer. Beautiful bottle-is it go sale?

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    NHPharm Hi, Waiting to hear from a collector in NB. that has the amber mate of this ! Hopefully it will have a new home soon ! But I'm still looking through boxes ! But I think I might have one or two H.H. pharms out there still on the hunt for you. I did find a few from Portland ME. Actually I think that is where I got the Estey bottle back in the 70's.


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