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    Could really use help in confirming ID

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    Here's a picture of an authentic daisy in diamond flask. How it was blown into a pattern mold, removed, then expanded, is apparent in the difference between the shoulder/neck area and the body of the bottle. Yours was blown (I believe) into a full size mold made to imitate the look without the trouble of the original process. And as Bear mentioned, I don't know of them ever being blown in that color, but usually in shades of amethyst. The glass just doesn't have the character and texture of the early pieces. It's funny how the early gaffers strove for perfection while producing wonderfully crude bottles, while the later companies, having the technology to make them perfect, tried to make theirs look crude, yet falling far short of the early containers' charm.

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    Thanks for all the help everyone. The glass does have bubbles, the flat (ground) bottoms are found on continental flasks, and were always considered to be far superior (read: perfect) to the colonial versions, and the thickness of the glass is partly an illusion in my pictures because the photos were taken at night and the glass is not showing transparent but also is not marked MMA. However, you are all probably right (and I still love the piece regardless)...but I am not yet 100% convinced. I am a thorough-minded person who needs solid, irrefutable evidence before I make up my mind, but again, I believe there is a high probability that you are all correct in your pronouncement that it is a reproduction. Thank you! Daylight pictures to come.

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    I think it would take a Professional to examine it in person to be sure as pics can be deceiving. Otherwise we or I are guessing from from what we can see in pics & I know I'm no flask expert. But still leaning towards reproduction. LEON.

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